“Finally…Self-Publish Your OWN Book With the Quality and Skill of a Traditional Publisher (but without all the headaches, costs and lost rights)!

A Publishing Insider Reveals the Book Publishing Secrets Designers and Publishers DON’T Want You to Know!

Traditional Publishers do NOT want your book to succeed! There…I said it! Unfortunately this statement is more TRUE than you might believe. Think about any massive industry from the past that felt competition from new innovations and technology. Automobiles threatening the sales of the railroad industry; electric power threatening the sales of the kerosene industry; digital downloads threaten the sales of CDs, even tablets threatening the sales of PC’s. The SAME threat is happening NOW in the Publishing Industry and if you’re self-publishing your book (which you should be), you are the enemy! Of course the publishing industry wants your book to fail…if it does it means MORE money and less competition for them.

Now…don’t allow ANY of this to alarm you or scare you. The truth is that, with how many self-published authors are releasing their books, the “industry” has little to worry about. You see, in most cases, you don’t know what they do…and that lack of knowledge is costing you BIG time…in sales, exposure and even in reputation. HOWEVER, when you KNOW the secrets traditional publishers use to ramp up the success of THEIR books, you can use those strategies to not only compete with the big boys, but beat them at their own game!

The CHALLENGE is to find someone from that industry who is willing to give a peek behind the curtain…to reveal the closely guarded publishing secrets that publishers and designers don’t want you to know. I’m talking about the very secrets that will cost them money (and put those funds in YOUR pocket)!

Well I have GREAT news for you today! You see…I’m a 20-year veteran of the publishing industry as a graphic designer. During my career, I designed nearly 600 book covers and designed the book interiors of hundreds of books as well. I also had my OWN publishing company and am an author just like you (with 13 books to my name and as a contributing author). I understand what makes books sell and I’m here to blow the lid off off these secrets once and for all!

You may not realize this but one of primary reasons a book receives a negative review on Amazon and other sites actually has nothing to do with the book itself or the topic. It’s much more subtle than that and, unfortunately, MANY self-publishers are guilty of it. Want to know what this publishing deal-breaker is?

It is the book’s editing, the cover and interior design. It’s the DETAILS! The truth is that there are rules in publishing, and if you are unaware of what those rules are, you will likely violate them. The traditional publishers KNOW the rules…they play by them, they BANK on them and they know you DON’T know them! That means they can allow you to self-destruct your OWN books without them having to do anything. You do the job for them!

It’s TIME that changes. You deserve to succeed with your book as a self-published author and I am committed to helping you do just that! That’s why I’ve created:

“Easy Book Publisher”

“Easy Book Publisher” is a comprehensive training that provides you with the understanding and tools necessary to truly make your self-published book a success! During the training, I take you by the hand and show you every aspect of the publishing process step-by-step, from manuscript to published book! And to make the process as easy as possible for you, I am offering the training at two levels.

In Level One of “Easy Book Publisher,” you will discover:

  • Module One: Writing and Editing: The manuscript process…getting your manuscript ready for page layout.
  • Module Two: Book Layout in Microsoft Word and other options: Formatting and Style Sheet setup, Setting up book sections, Table of contents, Layout rules, Images and specialty layouts, etc.
  • Module Three: Cover Design using free tools: Front cover design rules, picking the right images, calculating the spine and the full cover layout.
  • Module Four: Publishing and Marketing: Preparing the book for publishing, pre-flighting, uploading to CreateSpace, AuthorCentral, getting the word out, etc.

And for those of you who want to take your skills and understanding to the next level, in Level Two of “Easy Book Publisher,” we continue with:

  • Module One: Book Layout using Adobe InDesign: Everything you discovered in Level One ramped up to the professional level using a professional page layout program.
  • Module Two: Cover Design using Photoshop and InDesign: Design your cover the same way pro designers do. You’ll discover all the layout tricks to making your cover look professional!
  • Module Three: Funding Your Book: In-depth strategies for using crowdfunding to raise funds for your vision and to help with publishing your book.
  • Module Four: Building a Publishing Services Business (DIFO). How to take the skills you learn in Level One and Two to creative a publishing business to serve others (and make big profits).

We cover everything you need to self-publish truly professional books…whether you want to stick with the basics of Level One, or ramp up your skills (and results) with Level Two…nothing will be held back. There will also be a dedicated Facebook group to interact with me and other students even when there isn’t a live training. I’ve found this level of engagement to be an invaluable asset!

As a former accredited teacher in graphic design, I can tell you that this level of in-depth training is not inexpensive! As a matter of fact, just to hire me to design your book cover would run you a minimum of $1,500, much less teach you everything I know. But I also have a deal-seated desire to see you succeed with your books, and that’s why this training will not cost you $1,997 (which is what it’s easily worth) or even $997. I’m offering both Level One and Level Two and Introductory pricing that will NOT be repeated once the training is complete. Here is how the savings break down for you:

Level One: 

  • All FOUR Training Modules
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • BONUS: The Weekly Training Videos from “Easy Book-a-Day” (a $297 value).
Just $297 $197 $147 (Save $50) 


Level Two (Full Access): 

  • All FOUR Training Modules of Level One
  • All FOUR Training Modules of Level Two
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • BONUS: The Weekly Training Videos from “Easy Book-a-Day” (a $297 value).
  • BONUS: The Cover Expert Training Videos (a $97 value).
Just $597 $297 $247 (Save $50)

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